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I'm Jazzy by Janae was founded in 2018, an exclusive online store inspired by my lovely daughters Jazmine and Nydia. I'm Jazzy by Janae, specializes in mineral base, paraben free lip gloss, and liquid matte lipstick in a variety of colors. We also offer multi colored cosmetic bags. We are diverse, affordable, and made for any and everyone. 
Growing up in Atlanta, life was very challenging for me. I developed both physical and emotional scars that resulted in me feeling inferior to others, which diminished the way I saw myself in the mirror and in life. I’m Jazzy by Janae was conceived from a broken spirt to give life to those affected with low self-esteem that want to feel and look better. I believe counseling, medication, nutrition and a healthy spiritual life play a major part in making people feel better. A preliminary step to having a healthier perspective and attitude is when you look in the mirror and love the image staring back at you. 
I want to encourage everyone that suffers from life esteem, which had hindered or delayed their dreams, that I’m Jazzy by Janae is on the side line cheering, encouraging and supporting you. I love what I see when I get dolled up and look in the mirror. I love the different colors that are offered that compliments my outfits. I am proud to say that I’m Jazzy by Janae offers a variety of colors to accommodate a variation of complexions.
I would like to promote “I’m Jazzy by Janae” products to enhance the beauty in everyone, to make them feel more confident and desirable. When you look better, your attitude becomes more positive.
I’m Jazzy by Janae is a company meticulously put together various make up and facial product to give all genders and ages great options to beautify themselves and perfect their visual insecurities.

The only Drama I enjoy is in my Lashes

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